Datalytis is a synthesis of algorithm for searching and processing data based on the latest technology

Jet Crawler

Dataly is a synthesis of algorithm for searching and processing data based on the latest technology

Data Learning

Datalytis technology helps big data combine with behavior on social network, will create the data with 85% exactly

Data intelligent

Data always update realtime depending on behavior of user on social network. The realtime rate of data is 75%.

Behavior Matching

With big data system and combine with the source from social network such as Zalo, Facebook to analysis the behavior


With big data from Datalytis technology, we provide the following services

Intelligent Targeting

Supporting Brand & Agency distribute exact objects, understand the personality and the behavior, and specially measure efficiency over 90% exactly

Lead Generation

Provide the solutions on expanding the new customer set based on the field and current customer set, appropriate solution for E-commerce & Services

Location Advertising

Big data & Datalytis help you distribute the advertisement depending on the location of a user, achieve the high efficiency of over 75%. Applicable for Retails & F&B

Influencer Marketing

Based on big data technology together with data on a social network, you will know the relationship and the effect of a user to implement the viral advertisement campaign

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For the campaign on Brand awareness when applying the solutions from Datalytis, The result is 35% higher compared to the campaigns which don’t apply Datalytis. 92% can measure the effect after the campaign

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For performance campaigns (E-commerce, Lead objective), the cost for advertisement is 30% reduced by Datalytis and effect level is over 20% compared to normal


Several fields and industries applied the Datalytis and achieved the impressive effect

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Some comments on the importance and benefits of BIG DATA AND DATA ANALYSIS of leading market experts in the world

Seth Stephens

Davidowitz's Books

The next Freud will be a data scientist. The next Marx will be a data scientist. The next Salk might very well be a data scientist.

Liu Cixin

The Three-Body Problem

Although the method is simple, it shows how, mathematically, random brute force can overcome precise logic. It's a numerical approach that uses quantity to derive quality

Neal Leyton

Digital Master

We are moving slowly into an era where Big Data is the starting point, not the end.

Big data is at the foundation of all the megatrends that are happening today, from social to mobile to cloud to gaming
Chris Lynch - Vertica Systems

Without big data, you are blind and deaf in the middle of a freeway
Geoffrey Moore - management consultant and theorist

Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine
Peter Sondergaard - Gartner Research


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